The ultimate ice skating experience.


S howtime Ice rinks can supply a touch of winter magic to any event all tear round.
All our rinks have real ice, allowing skaters to glide across the surface in the way only real ice can allow you to do.

As the UK's leading supplier of skateable ice and with generations of experience under our belts we can assure you a level of professional service un-matched.

All our rinks come with every necessary facility, Swiss style log cabins, music, lights and full liability cover. We take care of everything so all you need to do is enjoy the fun.

In addition to the ice rinks, Showtime can supply and install a complete winter wonderland with fir trees, lights, a stage with entertainment, chalets selling festive goods and food,
a traditional vintage galloping horse carousel and much more. All of which create a truly magical continental style event to remember. Perfect for raising the profile of an organisation or community. We can take care of every aspect including the tasteful promotion of your event.

For an unrivalled magic touch, you need look no further.

More Information about our facilities…

Our Brand New Flagship Real Ice Rink

This rink is being built to our unique specifications; it will be totally covered so the elements can't stop skating .Rink Size 69 feet x 43 feet with a viewing platform around the perimeter.

This Rink will only be available during Christmas period for a 6 week minimum hire.

Covered Real Ice Rink

This rink is 60 feet x 40feet .The Steel structure is airbrushed & painted to a high standard in shaded light to dark blue. There is a clear Perspex surround to ¾ of the rink .

This rink has a Brand New PVC custom made striped cover also in dark & light Blue

Open Air Rink

This rink is 65feet x 45 feet with a viewing platform around the perimeter.

The rinks come complete with:-

For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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